Bridges for Gardens

Welcome to the Bridges for Gardens website!

We make several different types of bridges, including Japanese and Chineseflat, traditional country style and custom bridges. Please have a look at a small collection of some of the 3500 wooden bridges that we have made for our customers since 1995.

Our wooden bridges are made from high-quality wood and are built to withstand the four seasons of the British weather. Unlike many other companies that sell bridges, all of our wooden bridges are sturdily built and are not just for ornamental purposes. Also, our bridges are specially designed to not require special foundations to give them extra strength.

You will see from the illustrations that we have personally photographed every bridge on its own particular site after we have delivered it to the customer – we do not simply place it in a nearby field for photographic purposes.

Our Garden Bridges

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Wooden Bridge, Wooden Bridges, Garden Bridges Wooden Bridge, Wooden Bridges, Garden Bridges


Our stock garden bridge sizes range from 5’ (1.52m) to 11’ (3.35m) in length. Longer wooden bridges up to a maximum of 17’9” (5.40m) can be built to customers’ orders, and we keep a large range of components in stock to reduce delivery times. Exceptionally we may be able to build longer than this – please contact us. Most designs can be made in a range of sizes up to our maximum length.

All bridges over 12′ (3.66m) long are delivered by us and we complete the assembly on site by attaching the boards at no extra charge. Currently we are also personally delivering over 90% of the bridges under 12′ long. Nearly all of our competitors send their bridges by a commercial carrier and the customer is left to complete the assembly with its inevitable problems

All of the beams, posts and boards are pressure treated, making them particularly suitable to go over ponds and streams. Your garden bridge can then be stained with an environmentally-friendly preservative, painted, or left for you to finish yourself.