About Bridges for Gardens

Bridges for Gardens (formerly Anglian Bridges located in Cambridgeshire) is a family-run business managed by Alan Gough. Since being established in 1995, we have supplied over 3500 garden bridges to customers throughout the U.K and beyond, with trips to the Isle of Wight, the Orkney Islands, the Isle of Arran and the Republic of Ireland. Our garden bridges have been sited over ponds, rivers, streams, ditches, gullies and flower beds, and some leading from balconies and patio doors.

Our bridges have been supplied to golf courses, fishing lakes, borough councils, Millennium committees, schools and hotels, alongside customers with private gardens in the UK. In the course of our job, we have hauled garden bridges up and down cliffs, lifted them over fences and taken them through houses, even via windows.

We have been regularly stung by wasps and bees, occasionally bitten by Jack Russells, Dobermans and Border Collies, once immersed by an over enthusiastic helper, and often burnt and frozen by the British elements. Yet, despite this, we still enjoy our job of making wooden bridges!